Canadian Flannel Gray – BEARDZZILLA Mask


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Canadian Flannel Gray – Beardzzilla Beard Mask
Standard masks and face-covering leave your beard unprotected. These standard masks leave lines, divots, and waves in your man beard. Beardzzilla is designed to help the bearded man. No more beard dent, line or static waves.
– 100% cotton
– Nose Wire/Bridge(non-removable)
– 3 layers of fabric
– Soft adjustable ear loops with adjusters
– Lightweight breathable fabric for all-day wear
– Machine washable
– Made in Canada

Sizing Information
Each beard and face is unique. Measure directly on the beard at the tip of the nose to the bottom length of the beard.
Size Short – 4 inches – Short, stubble and growing beards. Also great for non-bearded
Size Regular – 6.5 inches
Size Large – 9 inches

Beardzzilla beard mask is for the purpose of non-medical grade face covering. Our mask has not undergone medical or certification testing and should not be used as medical-grade PPE.

Additional information

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4 Inch, 6.5 Inch, 9 Inch

12 reviews for Canadian Flannel Gray – BEARDZZILLA Mask

  1. Samuel

    Bought this mask for Canada day. Love the pattern.

  2. George

    Comfortable and breathable, and the adjustable ear loops ensure a perfect fit. The nose wire is a game-changer for keeping the mask in place.

  3. Danello

    I’ve tried various masks, but Beardzzilla’s design is a game-changer for us bearded guys. It fits comfortably, and the beard dent is finally a thing of the past!

  4. Juan Pas

    Beardzzilla masks are a beard-saver! No more awkward beard lines or static waves, and the fit is just perfect.

  5. Alexis

    These masks are not just for bearded folks they work great for everyone. The nose wire and adjustable ear loops make them super comfy.

  6. Malachy G

    Unlike standard masks, it provides protection without causing the typical beard dents, lines, or static waves.

  7. Conrad

    it’s a lifesaver when it comes to keeping our facial hair in check while staying safe.

  8. Davie Faustino

    Finally, a mask that respects the beard! No more annoying lines or beard dents.

  9. Lajuan Holljio

    it’s like a cozy flannel for my face, and the adjustable ear loops make it 10x more comfortable than your typical mask

  10. James H

    I was skeptical at first, but this Beardzzilla mask truly delivers on its promise my beard has never looked this good and well-protected

  11. Jeremie Beaudroi

    The nose wire makes all the difference, and they’re Canadian-made

  12. Hunter Boldgwin

    No more mask struggles this mask is a life saver!

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