Black Beard Oil Applicator Comb



BEARDSYYC Beard Oil Applicator Comb

– Beard oil applicator brush for men
– Applicator  brush for treatment of coarse and dry beard hair, itchy and flaky skin
– Softens skin underneath beard hair
– No more oily hands

-Beard oil applicator for men – This beard oil applicator comb and brush is built to last and designed for maximum application of beard oil for bearded men
-This beard comb and brush applicator, allows for precision application when applying beard oil to beard hair and skin
-Plastic comb teeth detailing -provides styling and massage whether you have thick, thin or dense hair, this beard oil applicator easily passes through your beard hair
-Anti-static and anti-snag – allows to reach skin underneath beard and won’t cause frizz,  static or snags when using beard oil applicator
-Storage of applicator – plastic cap allows storage of beard oil for daily use. No more messy hands with beard oil
-Grow a healthy and strong beard

Black Hard Plastic Wide Tooth Comb (May Change Over Time)

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Beard Oil Applicator Comb

26 reviews for Black Beard Oil Applicator Comb

  1. Frenk

    Decided to purchase this product after seeing the video on how it applies
    beard oil to my skin and not just the top part of my beard hair.
    Great product.

  2. James

    Amazing product. No messy hands.

  3. Matt

    I have dry skin under my beard. This oil applicator helped very much as the oil gets
    all the way down to the skin and I dont get my hands oily or dirty. Excellent product.
    Delivery was quick.

  4. Luka

    This beard oil applicator brush is a lifesaver. It’s perfect for treating my coarse and dry beard hair, as well as soothing itchy, flaky skin.

  5. Nash

    Dry skin under my beard has been a constant concern, and this applicator has made a significant difference.

  6. Jake Young

    The combination of comb and brush allows me to apply beard oil with accuracy, reaching every nook and cranny of my beard hair and skin

  7. Kingston

    Makes applying beard oil easy and helps untangle my hair.

  8. Maon Lilly

    Moisturizes my skin and beard and leaves my hands mess free.

  9. Jordaynne

    Efficiency and convenience at its finest. This applicator makes beard oil application a breeze and even helps me tackle hair tangles.

  10. Kendrick

    I’ve struggled with dry skin under my beard. This oil applicator has been a great help, as it reaches down to the skin without making my hands oily or dirty. An excellent product with a quick delivery.

  11. Dal

    Efficiency and convenience at its finest.

  12. Raul

    Dealing with dry skin under my beard has been a challenge, and this applicator has brought much-needed relief.

  13. Bradyn

    This applicator is a double win – moisturizing both my skin and beard while keeping my hands mess-free.

  14. Dex

    It reaches down to the skin without making my hands oily, and the quick delivery was a pleasant surprise!

  15. Robin

    The plastic cap on this applicator provides convenient storage for daily use, keeping things clean and hassle-free

  16. Howard

    this beard oil applicator brush simplifies the process of applying beard oil. Its innovative design allows for precision application.

  17. Jaycee

    ensures that every strand of your beard and the underlying skin receive the nourishment they need

  18. Isaac Olly

    This is a game-changer in my beard care routinee. Great precision tool that allows for easy, mess-free application of beard oil while keeping my beard soft and free from frizz.

  19. Alann

    Mess-Free Storage, the included plastic cap allows for convenient storage of your beard oil right on the applicator, eliminating the need for messy hands during daily use.

  20. Ellis Macintyre

    I’ve struggled with beard oil application for years, but this applicator brush has solved that problem

  21. Kylian Willow

    It’s your secret weapon against coarse, dry beard hair and pesky skin irritations. Plus, no more mess with greasy hands.

  22. Bryan Woods

    I appreciate the storage cap, which keeps my beard oil accessible for daily use. This brush has helped me maintain a healthy and strong beard, and I highly recommend it to others.

  23. Junior Tellas

    Love the storage in the inside, finally no oily hands when applying my oil.

  24. Emilio Frensberg

    It’s like an artist’s brush for your beard, whether your hair is thick, thin, or dense, this applicator works its magic.

  25. David Cramer

    The design is thoughtful love that theres a little pocket inside for my oil!

  26. Ben Stone

    The storage cap is a bearded blessing, keeps things tidy!

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