Beard Wide Tooth Comb w/Carrying Case




– Beard comb with carrying case for men
– Black bamboo wood wide tooth natural comb and brush
– Anti-static and anti-snag
– Handmade men’s grooming for all beards, moustache, and hair

-The ultimate comb for men -This natural wood comb is built to last and designed for maximum grooming for detailed areas when using products
-The comb design – allows precision grooming detangles stubborn beard hair, moustache and hair-Keeps beard hair soft
-Wide teeth comb detailing -provides styling whether you have thick, thin or dense hair, this comb easily passes through your beard, moustache and hair
-Anti-static and anti-snag – plastic combs cause frizz, static and snags
-Caring case allows grooming whenever wherever you go
-Grow a healthy and strong beard

Black bamboo Wood (Visit Website For Full List. May Change Over Time)

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Black Bamboo 3-Pack Combs, Black Bamboo Comb

27 reviews for Beard Wide Tooth Comb w/Carrying Case

  1. Jeff

    Happy I found a black comb to match my style. Comb is perfect for me. Case is nice touch and take it with me to the gym and work.
    Great quality comb

  2. Devin

    It was very hard to find a black beard comb. Mostly I found the brown wooden colour ones at my barber shop.
    Glad I bought this black one, it does not get stuck in my beard.

  3. Rob

    comb has a nice feel and case feels soft. Allows me to take my comb
    everywhere I go.

  4. Scott

    The case with the comb is super convenient.
    I take it with me on the go. Great product.

  5. Charlie

    Amazing product. Finally found a black comb.

  6. Tristan

    Great product, shipping was quick. Works very well

  7. Jeffrey

    This beard comb is a game-changer.The carrying case is a great bonus too. Perfect grooming companion!

  8. Huxley

    Happy to have found a black comb to match my style. The comb is perfect for me. The case is a nice touch, and I take it with me to the gym and work. Great quality comb.

  9. Rafael

    Meet my ultimate grooming sidekick. This brush takes care of my beard like no other. The carrying case is a bonus, makes it easier to carry around on the go.

  10. Micah

    Helps me detangle and style my beard on the go. I always bring it with me in the case to the gym.

  11. Marat Al

    This natural wood comb has completely transformed my grooming routine – it’s not just a comb, it’s a precision tool that has made detangling my beard and hair an effortless task.

  12. Ezra Bank

    Super convienient with the case I can detangle my beard on the go.

  13. Ramon

    this comb is indeed amazing. Finally having a black comb is fantastic.

  14. Famke

    Made detangling my beard easier! I bring this product everywhere with me in my pocket, the carrying case is a must!

  15. Ewart

    The natural wood comb feels great in hand, and it really does the job when it comes to precision grooming.

  16. Michael

    it’s a high-quality grooming tool that helps style my beard

  17. Paolo

    This product is perfect to maintain a well-groomed, soft, and healthy beard while enjoying the convenience of easy styling and on-the-go grooming

  18. Kareem

    Beyond styling, this comb keeps your beard hair soft. It doesn’t just groom, it nurtures, ensuring your beard feels comfortable and manageable

  19. Jourdain Artemio

    The comb is gentle on my beard, and the case keeps it protected while on the go.

  20. Jaisumer

    it helps evenly distribute products through my beard and keeps it looking sharp

  21. Koen Mignolet

    It’s the ultimate comb for precision grooming, whether it’s for my beard, mustache, or hair.

  22. Jerimine Kentrell

    I can confidently say that this Beard comb with carrying case is the only comb you’ll ever need for your grooming routine.

  23. Juan Fernandhino

    My grooming routine found its match! The case is perfect for on the go I just put it in my pcoket for touch ups.

  24. Dennis Vickson

    Such a reliable comb, eprfect for grooming.

  25. Aristotle Todials

    This comb works wonders, the black bamboo wood feels sturdy and the wide teeth make it effortless to style.

  26. Devin

    I adore this comb! It handles thick hair like a champ, no tangles, and no frizz

  27. Bill

    The included caring case makes grooming a breeze wherever I am.

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