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BEARDSYYC Beard Straightener Hot Air Comb And Brush | In Stock All Colors

-Beard straightener hot air comb and brush for men
-With attachments and 3 temperature settings
-Volumizing, straightening and massaging
-Anti-static and anti-snag
-No more direct heat to beard/skin
-Not only for beards, but also used for men’s hair


-The ultimate hot air straightening brush for men – straightening comb is designed for facial hair, beard, moustache and hair styling. It can style your      beard and hair.
-The beard straightener design -standard beard straightener that heats up damage your beard and skin. Heat directly damages your beard/skin.
-Volumizing beard straightening – straightening, volumizing your beard using combination of blow dry and styling attachments can work on any beard    lengths and provide massage while grooming your beard.
-Anti-static anti-snag – beard straightener hot air comb and brush won’t cause frizz, static and snags.
-Cord length rotates 360° can prevent tangling and knotting.
-3 temperature settings up to 1000 W
-Grow a healthy and strong beard

6 months warrenty. Does not inculde water damage or phyical damage. Must be used normal operation.
6 months exdented coverage is avaliable for purchase

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Black Hard Plastic, Plastic Attachments, 3 temperature 1000 W

Black Hard Plastic, Plastic Attachments, 3 temperature 1000 W. Voltage: 110V 220V-50Hz-60Hz


This product should be used under AC–220v power and 50Hz frequency;
Keep hands dry during use; No use in the bathroom; do not block the air inlet and air outlet of the hairdryer, and keep the air outlet of the air cleaner clean; if the power cord is damaged or the plug is damaged, it must be repaired by the manufacturer or a professional in the maintenance department. Do not dissemble it by yourself.


-Before turning the power, check the voltage of the power supply meets the voltage used in this product.
-Shall not cover the use of entrance and exit, otherwise it it will lead burning or mechanical damage.
-Do not braid, paper or other combustible materials near the use of hairdryer, otherwise it will easily lead to a fire.
-Do not use a hairdryer next to the gas or other highly flammable items.
Do not press the needle or other object into the hairdryer is not suitable for the entrances and exits, otherwise cause damage to hair dryers and electric shock.
-To avoid the hairdryer to withstand excessive vibration.
-Do not use a hairdryer in the bathroom, in addition to dry hair and my hair style, but do not use a hairdryer for drying machine.
-With soft and lubricated by a neutral detergent cloth, clean all parts of a hairdryer. Never use a light oil or head spirits like items.
-Do not like hairdryer stored in the bathroom shower rooms and other areas with moisture.
-If damaged, must be replaced by a professional technician.
-The hand-held hairdryer brush is from the switch from bottom to top, the first gear is cold wind, the second gear is low temperature, and the third gear is high temperature curve; pushing from the top to the lowest is off.
-Don’t hand over the outlet.
-Don’t immersed in water.
-Don’t bring into the bathroom


There are ways to repair hair damage. Pay attention when using a hairdryer. It’s hot. Be careful not to let the heat of the hair blow too close to the hair, keep it with the hair the distance between 15 cm and 30 cm, shaking back-and-forth from left to right. In order to retain the cuticle, the last step of blowing hair must be cold wind. Use hot air for a long time one part deforms protein, the main component of hair. Cuticle peeling. If it falls, it will cause Split Ends breakage, hair loss, etc. and damage the hair.

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Black, Blue, Red, White

Extended Warranty

No Extended Warranty, Extended 6 Months


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