Beard Oil – With Free Comb Gift




How To Use: Spray into beard and comb. Don’t waste beard oil on your hands. Spray beard oil directly into beard.
-Repairs coarse beard hair and flaky skin
-Helps soften skin underneath beard
-Keeps beard hair soft
-No oily hands when applying beard oil
-For growing beards use with beard lotion
-Provides style and control
-Light-weight oil with frizz control
-Grow a healthy and strong beard

Mineral oil formula. (Visit Website For Full List. May Change Over Time)

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10g Tester, 1oz, 2oz, 2oz Single, 4 Inch, 4oz, 4oz Single, 6.5 Inch, 8oz, 8oz – Multi, 8oz Single, 9 Inch, Beard Oil Sample 0.67oz

47 reviews for Beard Oil – With Free Comb Gift

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    Clear beard oil was a good idea. No more stains on the shirt from yellow beard oils. Thank you for fast shipping

  2. Kyle From Canada (verified owner)

    Beard oil is perfect. Did not mess up my white tshirt. Thank you great product

  3. James (verified owner)

    Beard oil was not greasy.

  4. Banjamin (verified owner)

    Beard oil did not stain my shirt. Most beard oil I have used is yellow.

  5. Lucas (verified owner)

    Great Beard Oil!

  6. Logan (verified owner)

    Thank you for the free samples of the other products with my order of beard oil.

  7. Jackson (verified owner)

    Tried many beard oils on Amazon but really liked clear beard oil from this company.
    Great customner service via email.

  8. Theodore (verified owner)

    Beard oil leaves very nice shine on my beard.
    Spray beard oil doesnt get my hands oily when applying beard oil.

  9. Aiden (verified owner)

    Beard oil works great.

  10. Thomas (verified owner)

    Nice product,
    Great price.

  11. Rob (verified owner)

    Saw beard oil on TikTok in a spray bottle.
    Really liked the idea. Using beard oil spary bottle is very easy to use.

  12. Keith (verified owner)

    Its a quality beard oil. Clear beard oil does not stain my shirt.
    Very happy with the beard oil. Beard feels healthy.

  13. Felix (verified owner)

    Heard of this product on TikTok. I wanted to improve the way my beard felt,
    always dry and the skin underneath. This beard oil really helped moisturize
    my beard and kept it soft. Happy I tried the product. Great idea of the spray

  14. Henley

    Really liked the idea of beard oil in a spray bottle.
    Good price too.

  15. Raj

    Overall very good oil. Amazed its in a spray bottle so you don’t get your
    hands oily. My beard felt really soft after 1 to 2 uses. Good stuff.

  16. Antonio

    This unique product in a spray bottle is helping me save beard oil and not
    wasting it on my hands. I have been spraying Beard oil directly on my beard.
    Much easier to apply.

  17. Albert

    Using beard oil in a spray bottle is very convenient.
    Thank you for the free comb.

  18. Harpreet

    Beard oil shine was really nice. Spraying beard oil on my beard was
    very useful during the day. Going to use the product daily.

  19. Ishaan (verified owner)

    Great idea for beard oil that I can apply directly to my beard,
    not having to waste beard oil on my hands.

  20. Brad (verified owner)

    I use the spray beard oil daily throughout the day to help
    keep my beard looking great and groomed. Working a full time job
    and going to the gym this spray beard oil comes in handy and doesn’t
    get my hands full of oil. The comb that was a free gift is great.

  21. Jacob (verified owner)

    Amazing product in a spray bottle. Started using beard oil instead of
    conventional vegetable and Castrol oil on my face. Oil is lightweight
    and penetrate my hair all the way to my skin.
    Great Canadian Product.

  22. Markus (verified owner)

    Oil for my beard in a spray bottle is a great idea. I use the beard oil on the go and everywhere i need day to day. My hands don’t get oily as I apply it.
    The free comb gift was a nice touch for saving on a new one. Great Products

  23. Will (verified owner)

    Using a spray bottle for my beard is very convenient.
    Thank you for including the free gift.

  24. Adam (verified owner)

    The beard oil is very light weight and smells great.
    Great product.

  25. David (verified owner)

    I was tired of wasting beard oil on my hands, I found this product on social meadia.
    Beard oil is very light

  26. Noah (verified owner)

    great product. No messy hands, just spray directly onto the beard

  27. Steve (verified owner)

    very convenient, oil in a spray bottle. No oily fingers.
    Great idea.

  28. Keith

    This oil not only repairs and softens my beard but also gives me the style and control I’ve been looking for.

  29. Drey

    Leaves my beard moisturized!

  30. Santiago

    This product has helped repair my beard!

  31. Myles

    This is like a repair kit for my beard. Love the style control.

  32. Jermiane

    Not only did it repair and soften my beard but added style and control

  33. Jaikob

    Keeps my skin soft and tames the frizz. Looking forward to ordering again!

  34. Jaque

    This product provides excellent style control

  35. Abe

    Helped both my skin and beard no more dried up skin and no more frizzy beard!

  36. Dariston Provdon

    Repairs and softens my coarse beard, and it pairs perfectly with their beard lotion for a strong, controlled beard

  37. Marvin Malivuktz

    It’s not heavy, so it doesn’t weigh my beard down, and it keeps my beard feeling soft and looking stylish. No more greasy hands, which is a huge plus!

  38. Anthony Lewery

    It’s lightweight, controls frizz, and, best of all, leaves no oily residue on your hands

  39. Bernardo P

    This lightweight oil is a must for any bearded gent. It not only repairs coarse beard hair and soothes flaky skin but also adds style and control to your beard.

  40. Leonardo Carrasco

    Love that its unsented does wonders for my beard!

  41. Garry

    it’s not just a cosmetic fix; it effectively repairs coarse beard hair and soothes flaky skin, keeping your beard soft and well-maintained.

  42. Adam

    Helped so much with my beard frizz.

  43. Leon Zucca

    Super lightweight, love the convenience of this beard oil spray.

  44. Perkash

    Love this spray beard oil! It’s lightweight, easy to use, and keeps my beard soft without leaving any greasy feeling. Perfect for everyday care.

  45. Ferran Gavi

    Amazing spray keeps my hands clean and my beard fresh.

  46. Vishnu P

    Finally, an oil that does it all! Softens my beard, nourishes the skin, and provides style without any oily residue. Perfect for anyone aiming for a healthy, stylish beard.

  47. Haansen

    Keeps my beard refreshed and feeling great all day.

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