Beard Tonic Spray – With Free Comb Gift



How To Use: Spray into beard and comb to detangle and start grooming beard.
Spray into beard to protect beard hair and skin from heat tools (blow-dryer, beard straighter)
Follow by using mineral drops and beard cream.

-Detangles beard hair
-Helps nourish and soften skin underneath beard
-Nourishing spray made with tea tree oil and vitamins
-Heat protectant
-Keeps beard hair soft
-Helps repair skin underneath beard
-Refreshes your beard all day
-Grow a healthy and strong beard

Ingredients (may change, visit website for full list)
Tea Tree Lead Oil, Peppermint Oil, Peppermint Leaf Extract, Rosemary Left  Extract , Lemon Grass Extract, Hops Extract, Nettle Leaf Extract, Citric Acid and Deionized Water.

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2oz Single, 4 Inch, 4oz Single, 6.5 Inch, 8oz – Multi, 8oz Single, 9 Inch, Beard Tonic Sample 1oz

45 reviews for Beard Tonic Spray – With Free Comb Gift

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    Helps detangle my beard. When I wake up after sleeping beard is flat from my pillow. Its very hard to comb and tangled. Now I use BEARD TONIC. I spray into my beard and help comb my beard.

  2. Henry (verified owner)

    Helped detangle my beard in the morning after waking up.
    My beard is usually flat from sleeping on the pillow.
    – Henry

  3. Alexander (verified owner)

    Beard Tonic smell was great.
    – Alexander

  4. Matthew (verified owner)

    Beard tonic helped detangle my beard so I can comb and style.
    – Matthew

  5. Luke (verified owner)

    Beard tonic helps refresh my beard during the day.
    Dont have to waste oil and messup my hands.
    – Luke

  6. Gina

    Purchased Beard tonic for my husband, hoping that he would like it and use it.
    He loved it. Beard tonic gave a shine to his beard and helped to detangle his beard.
    Will try other products.
    – Gina

  7. Ian

    Beard tonic works great detangling my beard.

  8. Shane

    started using beard tonic to detangle my beard.
    works really great

  9. Lucas

    Using Beard Tonic to detangle my beard before styling.
    Applying Beard Tonic before blowdrying my beard is helping
    my beard hair stay protected when using heat tools.

  10. Jarred

    Beard Tonic is a great product.
    Starting to use Beard Tonic daily to detangle my beard before styling.
    The smell is also great.

  11. Andrew

    Spray tonic is helping my skin and beard hair.
    seems to work very well detangling and allowing me to
    comb my beard.

  12. Elias

    Amazing product that I will be using every single day in my
    beard care routine. I started off by using beard tonic in the
    morning spraying into my beard and combing my beard to take out
    the tangles and any flatness from sleeping on a pillow.
    I also use Beard Tonic throughout the day to refresh my beard
    as it feels dry instead of dumping lots of oil into my beard.
    Thank you for creating a great product.

  13. Nasir

    The smell of tonic is really great. I use it to help to detangle
    my beard hair. Using the product also when my beard feels dry
    during the day.

  14. Yousef

    Beard tonic is great. Really helps break down my beard when I am
    having trouble combing my beard. Keeps my beard soft for long time.
    Great product.

  15. Chris

    Amazing product use it daily twice a day when I need my beard
    to be hydrated and soft.
    Thankyou for including the free comb is a great touch.
    The delivery was very quick to my city.
    5 stars product.

  16. Ravinder

    Best product I have tried from my beard so far. Easy to use and provided great soft beard hair and skin. If you keep your beard natural, this will help you skin stay not itchy.
    Using day and night in my beard care routine.

  17. Corey

    Beard tonic is light and helps my beard hair and skin.
    I use it during the day instead of beard oil.
    Thank you for the free gift.

  18. Jason

    Tonic has been very helpful when using my blowdryer to help protect my
    beard and skin. Don’t see any products like these on the market.

  19. Sean

    The tonic works really well on my beard. It leaves my beard and skin very soft.
    I also use a blowdryer, this tonic is helping protect my beard hair and skin.

  20. Michael

    great product. Tonic works very well.

  21. Larry

    Really great product. Helps really well to detangle my beard hair.
    using daily.

  22. Ray

    It does wonders for my beard by untangling the hair, nourishing my skin, and keeping my beard soft.

  23. Rhett

    Say goodbye to tangles with this magic spray.

  24. Derek

    Keeps my beard soft and well-groomed throughout the day.

  25. Colton

    Untangles my beard and keeps my beard soft

  26. Gregory

    the effectiveness of this spray in detangling beard hair is impressive.

  27. Malike

    This is a great detangling tool and fast shipping is an extra bonus!

  28. Augustine

    Easy application with remearkable Results

  29. Ace

    Helps me get all the knots out my beard with ease!

  30. Dylan

    Keeps my beard soft all day and helps manage frizz

  31. Rolf Fredrick

    This nourishing spray not only effortlessly detangles my beard but also keeps it soft, well-nourished, and refreshingly invigorated throughout the day.

  32. Temor Faaid

    I love how BEARDSYYC beard tonic not only detangles and softens my beard but also provides heat protection, making it an essential part of my daily grooming routine.

  33. Hunter

    it not only tames my beard but leaves a refreshingly clean scent that my partner loves.

  34. Manuel Warren

    Tired of tangled beard hair? Look no further than this nourishing spray. It not only detangles but also provides essential nourishment to the skin beneath your beard.

  35. Toby

    Just a quick spray into my beard, and I can easily detangle and get it looking great.

  36. Mikal Irving

    I’ve tried various beard products, but Beardsyyc Beard Tonic is a standout. It’s super easy to use, and the results speak for themselves. My beard feels softer, and I’ve noticed an improvement in the skin underneath.

  37. Easton Wels

    The comb is a nice touch, the tonic goes great with the comb for detangeling!

  38. Ken

    Use this throughout the day to refresh my beard.

  39. Jeneli

    This beard spray has become a daily essential for my beard maintenance routine. The detangling action is quick and efficient, and the added benefits of skin nourishment and heat protection make it a standout product.

  40. Romen Hill

    Amazing tonic for grooming! Works wonders to detangle, protects from heat, and the tea tree oil keeps my beard soft.

  41. Saleem Sofayan

    I use it to detangle and protect my beard from heat tools. The tea tree oil infusion refreshes my beard, and it’s helped nourish my skin underneath.

  42. Treyson

    This tonic is a game-changer! Easy to spray, detangles my beard, and keeps it soft. Love the refreshing feel all day.

  43. Roman Moore

    This spray keeps my beard in-tact all day!

  44. Gabriel

    The nourishing effects are noticeable, and I’ve seen my beard grow healthier than ever before.

  45. Muhammed

    Love this spray and the natural ingredients, makes my beard feel amazing and helps me untangle it1

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