Beard Care Kit Full Size – 4 Products – With Free Comb Gift



This inclusive beard grooming kit BEARDSYYC includes everything needed for a
well-groomed, healthy and comfortable beard. This beard kit is perfect for any type of
beards or mustaches, and with the organic ingredients, each of the products in this kit has
been carefully selected to synergistically work together to promote rapid softer beard
growth. Beard Care Kit set includes:

Beard Tonic: This beard tonic is mineral-based. A blend of organic material that not only
helps in conditioning and strengthening the Beard but also makes it thicker & denser.

Beard Lotion: This beard lotion keeps your beard healthy, soft, & well-conditioned & is great
for any length of beard from stubble to long and thick beards.

Beard Mineral Drop: This mineral-based beard dropper lets you get a well-groomed beard, work into
the beard and skin. Leaves your hair with a healthy-looking & moisturized dry skin
underneath the beard.

Beard Oil: This natural beard oil absorbs quickly to soften and condition full beards while
restoring moisture to dry facial skin. This beard oil for men keeps hair soft and smells like the
fresh outdoors.

The perfect gift for the bearded man in your life, or just for yourself!

Use products individually or combine for a full grooming routine to enhance the look and
feel of your beard.

BEARDSYYC – Beard Tonic
-Detangles beard hair
-Helps nourish and soften skin underneath beard
-Nourishing spray made with tea tree oil and vitamins
-Heat protectant
-Keeps beard hair soft
-Helps repair skin underneath beard
-Refreshes your beard all day
-Grow a healthy and strong beard
BEARDSYYC – Beard Lotion
-Alternative to beard oil. Use lotion before beard oil
-Moisturizes beard hair and skin
-Keeps beard hair soft
-Helps repair, nourish and soften skin underneath beard
-For growing beards, provides itch relief
-Non-greasy, light-weight with frizz control
-Grow a healthy and strong beard

BEARDSYYC – Beard Mineral Drops
-For growing beards, provides itch relief
-Reduce redness, irritation and itchiness of the skin
-Helps nourish and soften skin underneath beard
-Helps repair skin underneath beard
-Reduces acne and breakouts from beard oil and butters
-Grow a healthy and strong beard
-Repairs coarse beard hair and flaky skin
-Helps soften skin underneath beard
-Keeps beard hair soft
-No oily hands when applying beard oil
-For growing beards use with beard lotion
-Provides style and control
-Light-weight oil with frizz control
-Grow a healthy and strong beard

Welcome at BEARDSYYC, cultivating excellence since 2021. Our humble beginnings, our
approach have remained unchanged. Always being grateful and respectful towards both our
customers and the environment with an honest commitment to foster confidence through
the supply of superior men’s grooming products. Please check out our collection for the
beard or you can contact us by clicking the below link:

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Full Kit 4 Items, Beard Lotion 2oz, Beard Lotion 4oz, Beard Mineral Drops 1oz, Beard Mineral Drops 2oz, Beard Oil 1oz, Beard Oil 2oz, Beard Tonic Spray 2oz, Beard Tonic Spray 4oz, Beard Tonic Spray 8oz

41 reviews for Beard Care Kit Full Size – 4 Products – With Free Comb Gift

  1. Ali (verified owner)

    Amazing gift set, love it!

  2. Emma (verified owner)

    Purchased gift set for Anniversary. Arrived very quickly.
    Great packaging !!

  3. Noah (verified owner)

    Gift set was great. Price value for all the products included is greeat value.

  4. Isabella (verified owner)

    Purchased this gift for Fathers day coming up.
    Thank you for the free gift of beard comb.
    Packaging was great.

  5. Owen (verified owner)

    Great gift idea for bearded guys.
    Included four products, comb, sticker and gift bag.
    Great gift idea!!

  6. Jay (verified owner)

    Very happy with the gift set.

  7. Pravin (verified owner)

    Received my order. First impression is great of the beard gift set.
    Packaging is very nice and is same as the advertised picture.
    Looking forward to gift it on Fathers Day.

  8. Alex (verified owner)

    Purchased gist set for father day coming up.
    Great gift idea. Includes a free comb.
    great packaging.

  9. Megan (verified owner)

    Purchased gift set for my boyfriend. Really liked the packaging and
    it came with a free comb Bonus!
    He really liked the idea of oil in a spray bottle so he
    does not have to get his hands oily.
    Reasonable price too for all 4 products.

  10. Julia

    The gift set is wonderful. Purchased for my dad for Fathers Day gift.
    Packaging is excellent.
    Bonus Free comb!!!

  11. Harvey

    Gift set was a good idea. The gift set is the ultimate gift.
    Using each product daily. My beard and skin feels much healthier.

  12. Derek

    The gift set is loaded with great beard products.
    Starting to use each one individually.
    Thank you for the free sticker.

  13. Harry

    This beard kit was shown to me on TikTok. Great review on how to use
    the product in the video. Decided to take a leap and purchased the product
    and will be giving it to my father as a gift for the upcoming Fathers Day
    in June.

  14. Brad

    I started growing a beard and wasn’t sure what products to start using.
    I found this gift set on Instagram. It included 4 products and a comb.
    Favourite product so far is beard lotion.

  15. Dean

    This gift set is amazing. The products smell amazing.
    I am starting to use them daily. The top product I enjoy the
    most is the Beard Tonic.

  16. Marjorie

    Heard about the gift set from a friend. Purchased it for Fathers day.
    Shipping was quick and the package really looks great.
    Thank you for shipping it so fast.

  17. James

    Amazing Gift set. Great packaging.
    Came with a free sticker too.

  18. Peter

    I use BEARDSYYC daily for my beard care. I started with the mini sample size product to see which one works best for me. Each product works AMAZING.
    I purchased the full size kit to get the best value.
    Thank you for the stickerr free gift

  19. Norah

    Bought this kit for Fathers day. My dad loved the products.
    His favouite is the beard tonic.

  20. Elias

    Decided to go with the full kit after using the beard tonic and the lotion
    individually. I use products twice a day. When I use all the products together
    they are not oily like beard butter and beard balms.

  21. Sarah

    I had purchased the mini sample kit for my bearded guy and he loved the products so much
    that I got him the full size kit. Thank you for the free gift of the comb.

  22. Layla

    Great gift set comes in a nice package.
    very convenient with all products for a gift for beareded guys.

  23. George

    Great gift idea.

  24. Jennifer

    Amazing gift. My father loves all the products. He uses the products everyday.
    came with a free comb. Thankyou

  25. Jett

    This beard oil is a game-changer it’s not only repaired my coarse beard hair and flaky skin but also provided a softness and style I never knew was possible

  26. Aakash

    This beard care set is a game-changer! The beard tonic has made my beard stronger and denser, while the lotion keeps it healthy and soft.

  27. Alpha

    These products have made detangling my beard much easier, overall these have transformed my beard.

  28. Travis

    I’ve been using these products every day. Plus, the free comb was a thoughtful bonus.

  29. Amir

    It’s like a repair kit for my beard. It tames the coarse hair, banishes flakiness, and even softens the skin underneath.

  30. Maxim

    The gift set is indeed a great idea, offering a comprehensive selection of products that any bearded individual would appreciate.

  31. Nicolino B

    Together, these products create a grooming routine that enhances the look and feel of your beard, ensuring it remains well-groomed, healthy, and strong, while also caring for the skin beneath it.

  32. Thomas Fredrick

    the mineral-based products work wonders, and I appreciate the organic ingredients!

  33. Bryson

    I love the way these products make my beard feel and smell

  34. Valente Alden

    The products in this kit work together to make my beard thicker and softer, and they’re made with organic ingredients, which I really appreciate

  35. Mitchell Hawken

    I’m blown away by how complete and effective it is. It’s the ultimate package for anyone serious about maintaining a fantastic beard. The kit is designed to work together to promote softer beard growth, and it does a stellar job.

  36. Madeline

    My bf loved this gift! His beard smells super nice now too!

  37. Richie

    With a perfect blend of products, it not only keeps my beard soft, manageable, and itch-free

  38. Jasmine Wilde

    Bought this for hubby and he loved it, his beard smells so good and feels so soft now!

  39. Donald

    An incredible all-in-one grooming kit! The Beard Tonic and Lotion combo is my go-to for a daily grooming routine. The Mineral Drops provide relief from irritation, and the Beard Oil completes the set, leaving my beard soft and manageable.

  40. Nick Shank

    This kit is a game-changer for my beard! Everything I need for a well-groomed and softer beard. Easy to use and perfect for any beard type.

  41. Theo

    The blend of organic materials in the beard tonic strengthens and thickens my beard, while the beard lotion keeps it healthy and soft, no matter the length.

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